Mensagem do presidente

Mayor's Message

Oeiras facing its Future

Oeiras, located in the heart of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (LMA), has had a journey that has transformed the municipality into an undeniable reference for territorial development in Portugal. Today it is a leader in the fields of science, technology and innovation and was the first municipality to eliminate shanties, provinding decent housing to all residents. We intend to go further, continuing to develop the quality of life of our residents and everyone who works here; providing unique experiences to those who visit us; contributing to the consolidation of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and to the projection of Portugal in the world.

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Comissão de honra

Honours Committee

Meet our Honours Committee.

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Conselho Geral

General Board

Asset Publisher

Mensagem dos comissário

The comissioner's message


Culture in Oeiras' New Cycle

It is well known that the word culture comes from Latin, and that initially it referred to matters of the land – culture and agriculture have the same root. The word, like so many others, has had different meanings over the centuries, accompanying and influencing the histories of men and the world.

What is culture in these uncertain and complex times we are living in?



Porquê? + Quem somos + o que é a CEC?

Why? + Who? + What's the ECC Programme?



Who are we and why are we here?



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