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Share with us your keyword for 2027

If you had to choose just one word, which would be the most important for 2027?


The show "Ruído Vário" by Ana Deus and Luca Argel was postponed

The event that would take place on July 2nd and 3rd was postponed with no date yet set.


From june 30th until july 2nd, the Creative Europe Information Center will be organizing a series of online sessions

Informations about the financial lines of the Creative Europe 2021-2027 Program


Oeiras 27 launches a website with all the information and programming related to Poetry

'Palavras 27' is where you can find all the information regarding the 2nd axis of the Oeiras Candidacy


This Heritage is also yours! Opening of the Open Works Project

The fascination behind the scenes of the Cultural Heritage will be open to the public


The Municipality of Oeiras presented the candidacy of Oeiras the European Capital of Culture 2027

The presentation had speeches from the Candidacy Commissioner, Katia Guerreiro, a youngster from Oeiras and the Mayor Isaltino.


Culture and Inovation with Lluis Bonet and Alfons Cornella

The Cycle of Conferences "Stimulus to Business Innovation in Oeiras" starts today


Presentation of the Candidature of Oeiras for European Capital of Culture 2027

On the 17th of June you can watch it live on OEIRAS 27 Facebook


This week will be filled with Poetry with Mostra de Artes da Palavra

Between June 9th and 13th there will be more poetic events


Science International Festival - FIC.A

An event that will mark the Science agenda in Portugal: the main annual science festival to be organized in our country - FIC.A.


Night of European Literature

Next saturday, the 5th of june, at Parque dos Poetas visit the Literary Evening Tour


Poetry Masterclass with Clara Ferreira Alves

"Poems are Heard Not Explained" comes back with "Was O'neill ironic?"


Novos Olhares - how was the gathering with youngsters

On the past May 29th, young people from Oeiras proposed ideas for OEIRAS 27


"Ler Olhos nos Olhos" with João Luís Barreto Guimarães

Tomorrow june 2nd, at 9.30 p.m., live on the Municipality of Oeiras Facebook


Poetry Bus

Vamos passear num autocarro diferente? No dia 2 de junho entre as 9h00 e as 17h00 o autocarro irá passar pelas várias localidades de Oeiras com espetáculos de Poesia e Música.


Meeting with parishes council mayors of Oeiras to activate citizen participation in the territory of Oeiras

OEIRAS 27 Comissioner Candidate Commissioner OEIRAS 27 meets with five Parish Councils


NO WALLS Oeiras - Inauguration of the Urban Art Route

Discover the works of the street artists scattered throughout the territory!


Novos Olhares - On May 29th there will be raining ideas for Oeiras in 2027!

If you are between 13 and 30 years old and would like to get involved in the application, participate!


Jorge Barreto Xavier in an interview with Visão Magazine

Oeiras' candidacy for the European Capital of Culture is an opportunity to place cultural activity as the flag for the growth of the Municipality - defends the Commissioner of OEIRAS 27 in an interview with Visão magazine


"Ler Olhos nos Olhos" with Pedro Mexia

On may 26th, at 9.30 p.m., live on the Municipality of Oeiras Facebook


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Summer Animations

13 Aug 2021

Parque Urbano de Miraflores | Quinta de Cima | Tercena | Praça Restani

Free according to available tickets

Rosa dos Ventos Festival

05 Aug 2021

Mosteiro da Cartuxa

Free - [SOLD OUT]

'Monstrinha' Festival brings children's cinema to Quinta Real de Caxias

04 Aug 2021

Quinta Real de Caxias

Gratuito - inscrição prévia

Open Works - Visits to the backstage of Cultural Patrimony

18 Jun 2021

Capela São João Baptista | Palácio Marquês de Pombal


Conference "Territories of Innovation" with Miguel Barceló

13 Jul 2021

Online no Facebook OEIRAS 27


Poetry Masterclasses - "Was O'Neill a damned poet?" with Joana Meirim

08 Jul 2021

Templo da Poesia | Online Facebook OEIRAS 27


"Ler Olhos nos Olhos" with Maria Rezende

30 Jun 2021

Facebook do Município de Oeiras


[POSTPONED] Show "Ruído Vário" with Ana Deus and Luca Argel

02 Jul 2021

Templo da Poesia | Online at OEIRAS 27 Facebook


"Was O'Neill an unfashionable poet?" with Maria Antónia Oliveira

01 Jul 2021

Templo da Poesia | Online Facebook do Município de Oeiras


Science International Festival - FIC.A

12 Oct 2021

Palácio Marquês de Pombal


Novos Olhares - Participate with ideas for Oeiras in 2027

29 May 2021

Escola Camilo Castelo Branco


Masterclass - "Was O'Neill a failed poet?" with Nuno Moura

27 May 2021

Templo da Poesia | Online - Municipality of Oeiras Facebook


"Ler Olhos nos Olhos" chat with Pedro Mexia and moderation by Isabel Luca

26 May 2021

Online - Oeiras Municipality Facebook


Comissário da Candidatura OEIRAS 27 vai participar no evento Bauhaus of the Seas

20 May 2021

MAAT Museum | Online on the Bauhaus of the Seas youtube channel


MAP Café dos Poetas #6 "Of the Eternal Feminine"

21 May 2021

Restaurant Maria Pimenta | Online


Masterclass - "Was O'Neill subversive?" with Pedro Mexia

20 May 2021

Templo da Poesia | Online on Municipality of Oeiras Facebook


"Ler Olhos nos Olhos" with Carlos Té and moderation by Mia Couto

19 May 2021

Online - Municipality of Oeiras Facebook


Open Call - NO WALLS Oeiras

15 May 2021



“Unsurpassable | Imbatível” by Vítor Pomar starting from may 14th

14 May 2021

Palácio Anjos - Centro de Arte Contemporânea


Open visit to Convento da Cartuxa

10 Apr 2021

Convento da Cartuxa, Caxias

Gratuito - sob marcação online

Oeiras Ignição Gerador 2021

20 May 2021

Online -

9€ or 3€ (Gerador Members or residents of the municipality of Oeiras)

Oeiras Ignição Gerador

18 Jun 2020



#ConversasComSerralves [Talks with Serralves]

09 Feb 2021

Online - inscrições em


Culto - Poetry Artistic Encounters

05 Feb 2021



Oeiras 27 Candidacy Preparation Conference

24 Jan 2020

Templo da Poesia, Oeiras


Oeiras 27

Oeiras 27

Here, the river meets the sea. Here, people of many matches are found.

Here, with the words Innovation, Science, Technology, we add Heritage, Art, Culture. They are linked by the will to create, this gift that we share with the beginning of all things. So, here, we hold the clay of the Present to shape the Future. Together, in common houses: Oeiras, Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Portugal, Europe, World. Here.

No Oeste da Europa, no coração do Atlântico

In Western Europe, in the heart of the Atlantic

We greet this ocean that visits us every day. He is in our heart. It is a reciprocal heart. From him we left for the interior land, covering the body of the continent that is also ours. Up to the Baltic Sea, on the other side, where Latvia lands. We salute Latvia, which, with Portugal, will be European Capital of Culture in 2027. From West to East, and from there to here, commuting around like the blood that circulates within us.

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