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Oeiras facing the future

Oeiras has followed a path that has transformed the municipality into a reference of territorial development in Portugal. Today, it is a leader in the fields of science, technology and innovation and was the first municipality in the country to eliminate shacks, providing all residents with decent housing. We intend to go further, continuing to develop the quality of life of our residents and of all those who work here, providing unique experiences to those who visit us, contributing to the consolidation of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and to the projection of Portugal in the world.


What is CEC?

What is the European Capital of Culture program?

The European Capital of Culture (ECOC) initiative, dependent on a decision by the European Parliament and the European Council, was created in 1985 and the title has already been awarded to 62 cities in the European Union. Over the years, as demonstrated by the numbers gathered by the European Commission, this initiative has uniquely promoted the prominence of the cities holding the title, enhancing their society, economy and culture, attracting national and international visitors, multiplying investment values, creating new dynamics and positioning the cities competitively in the European context. For one year, the cities holding the title gain extraordinary visibility, associated with prestige, in the national and international context.


The general objectives of this European Commission program are: to protect and promote the diversity of cultures in Europe; to highlight the common aspects they share; to increase citizens' sense of belonging to a common cultural space; and to promote culture's contribution to the long-term development of cities.

For the chosen city, the European Commission intends that the project will contribute to increasing its European dimension; to increasing cultural participation and strengthening the cultural sector and its links with other sectors of activity; to raising the city's international profile through the cultural dimension, as well as to strengthening the dynamics of citizen participation.


Objetivos da comissão europeia

Objectives for the chosen city are considered by the European Commission to be:

  • increasing its European dimension;
  • increasing cultural participation;
  • strengthening of the cultural sector and its link to other sectors of activity;
  • increasing the international profile of the city through the cultural dimension
  • strengthening the dynamics of citizen participation;

para o efeito de seleção

For the purpose of selecting the city that will be awarded the title of European Capital of Culture, the candidacy will be subject to six evaluation criteria:

1. Contribution to a long-term strategy for the city's development; 
2. European dimension of the program;
3. Quality of the cultural and artistic content; 
4. Demonstration of strong local, regional and national support and organizational infrastructure capacity; 
5. Demonstration of the involvement and participation of the population in the project, particularly the most disadvantaged, as well as links with the educational component and access of the public; 
6. Demonstration of the management model, namely, financing, structure 

Conjunto de municipios

A number of Portuguese municipalities have already announced their interest in applying for the title of European Capital of Culture 2027. In 2022, it should be known which municipality will be chosen.

As previously mentioned, Oeiras, regardless of this choice, intends to accomplish the objectives listed for 2027

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