Open Call - NO WALLS Oeiras

The NO WALLS project launches an OPEN CALL for all artists residing in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (Portuguese or foreign), from which the 9th artist who will be part of this circuit will emerge.
15 May 2021 - 00:00:00 Online
no wall oeiras

NO WALLS Oeiras is an artistic intervention project in the public space curated by Lara Seixo Rodrigues, which arises from an invitation from the Municipality of Oeiras to Mistaker Maker, in the context of the cultural platform Mural 18 in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon.

At the moment when Oeiras is applying for the European Capital of Culture - Oeiras 27, thinking and challenging visions for the public space through the arts is an interesting process to value.

Under the proposed theme of Freedom, recognized and emerging artists design a circuit with works in various locations in the Municipality, marking different axes of municipal action.

The choice of the name NO WALLS has multiple meanings, from the very beginning the disruptive literality of leaving the usual supports of urban art, when it is proposed to artists to carry out interventions in a structure, which, on the one hand, unifies all supports, also challenges the artist working from a new perspective, questioning the field of action of his artistic practice and the agreed limits of Urban Art (or Urban Arts).

In this way, using the concept of travel and map, challenges of circulation and reading of the city's fabric, of its material, immaterial and natural heritage are proposed, by disseminating artistic interventions in an exercise of action in the landscape.

Aiming at promoting artistic creation in a public space and the emergence and / or recognition of the talent of this territory, the NO WALLS project launches an OPEN CALL for all artists residing in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon (Portuguese or foreign), from which 9 . Artist who will be part of this circuit.

The deadline for submitting proposals is May 15th until 11 pm. Consult the OPEN CALL regulations and access the registration form available here.