Novos Olhares - how was the gathering with youngsters

On the past May 29th, young people from Oeiras proposed ideas for OEIRAS 27
01 Jun 2021 - 00:00:00
novos olhares

Four dozen young people from the municipality of Oeiras dissipated, on May 29th, their ideas about what they would like to see done in the Oeiras Candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2027.

The meeting took place at the Camilo Castelo Branco school, in Carnaxide and included a presentation on the plans for OEIRAS 27 and a debate, in small groups on ideas for each of the five strategic axes of the candidacy: Oeiras, Urban Ecosystem; Oeiras, Capital of Poetry and Portuguese Language Cultures; Oeiras, Capital of Arts and Creativity; Oeiras, Capital of Cultural Heritage; Oeiras, Capital of Maritime Heritage.

Each group personalized a mass of mission and taking one of these ideas explored it as if it were a mission structure OEIRAS 27. The objective was to plan how this idea could be realized taking into account the following items: participation, communication, articulation with the agents cultural events, event production, application writing and project coordination.

The day ended with a presentation of the participants' ideas and was attended by the nominee commissioner, Jorge Barreto Xavier.



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