Rosa dos Ventos Festival

The Festival takes place at the Monastery of Cartuxa on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of August
05 Aug 2021 - 00:00:00 Mosteiro da Cartuxa
rosa dos ventos

The Festival Rosa dos Ventos is a project curated by Vitorino Salomé, with a view to promoting and hosting the cultural and artistic sharing of the "four corners of the world" in the Municipality of Oeiras, through the presentation of live shows by artists Agir, Janita Salomé, Matias Damásio and Sara Tavares, among others.

Taking place between August 5th and 8th, at the Monastery of Cartuxa, the doors will open at 6 p.m. (no distribution of tickets, as previously announced, as they are sold out).

The tickets for the shows on the main stage give access to all concerts in this space, which start at 8:00 pm:

- August 5th: 8 p.m. - Janita Salomé and Band; 9 p.m. - Vitorino and Band.

- August 6th: 8 p.m - Batukadeiras from Cape Verde; 9 p.m. - Sara Tavares.

- August 7th: 8 p.m - Adufeiras da Beira Baixa; 9 p.m. - ACT.

- August 8th: 8 p.m - Kuduro/quizomba; 9 p.m. - Matias Damásio.



August 5th | Thursday

7:00 p.m. | Gregorian Chant Group - Church

7:30 p.m. | Cante Alentejano: Group of Cantadores from Redondo and Peasants from Pias - Small Cloisters

8:00 p.m. | Cover and Shawl: Coimbra Fado - Main Stage

8:20 p.m. | Concert by Janita Salomé and Band - Main Stage

9:00 p.m. | Vitorino and Band Concert - Main Stage


August 6th | Friday

7:0 p.m. | Gregorian Chant Group - Church

7:30 p.m. | Rão Kyao (bamboo flute), Renato Silva Jr. (keyboard) and André Sousa Machado (percussion) - Church

8:00 p.m. | Cape Verde Batucadeiras - Main Stage

9:00 p.m. | Sara Tavares - Main Stage


August 7th | Saturday

7:00 p.m. | Gregorian Chant Group - Church

7:30 p.m. | Cover and Shawl: Fado de Lisboa - Church

8:00 p.m. | Adufeiras da Beira Baixa - Main Stage

9:00 p.m. | ACT and guests - Main Stage


August 8th | Sunday

​​​​​​​7:00 p.m. | Gregorian Chant Group - Church

7:30 p.m. | Inês Vaz (accordion) and Gileno Santana (trumpet) - Church

8:00 p.m. | Kizomba - Main Stage

9:00 p.m. | Matias Damásio - Main Stage


The use of a mask is mandatory, as is compliance with the other standards recommended by the DGS:

• Temperature measurement at the entrance to the enclosure by staff members;

• Hand disinfection;

• Respiratory tag;

• Social distancing.


The Municipality of Oeiras will permanently monitor the evolution of COVID-19 and the recommendations of the national health authorities, adjusting the measures now adopted whenever circumstances so require.


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