National Day of Portuguese Historical Centers

Get to know Oeiras' Historical Center
29 Mar 2021 - 00:00:00
palacio marques pombal

   The National Day of Portuguese Historical Centers is celebrated on March 28 in what is a tribute to Alexandre Herculano, thus evoking one of the greatest defenders of national heritage. The day serves to honor a leading figure in Portuguese culture, but also to highlight the future and potential that historic centers present. In Oeiras there are many and varied examples. Now that spring has started and the days are brighter, we invite everyone to enjoy our Historic Centers. From Oeiras to Paço de Arcos, from Leceia to Carnaxide, from Laveiras to Queluz de Baixo, there are many Centers to discover as areas with an important heritage value, both culturally and socially. ​​​​​​​



Come visit them, come visit us!

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