World Dance Day

A reflection by Luísa Taveira
30 Apr 2021 - 00:00:00
luisa taveira

Luísa Taveira writes us about World Dance Day

"Dancers do not have to be inspired creators and normally they are not.

When we ask a dancer to improvise, if he has not previously acquired the necessary tools for improvisation and if it is not properly oriented, the result is usually weak and uninteresting. Even when the previous premises are verified, the result will still, most of the time, be very weak and without interest. The choreographers are aware that 99% of the improvisation they ask their dancers, even in the best conditions, is to throw away. And so it will certainly be, if the creator's judgment is demanding and judicious.

What happens is that the dancers, when left to ad lib improvisation, resort to what they have most at hand: they plagiarize the movement of this and that choreographer with whom they worked, removing the movement from the context, using and abusing clichés or crystallized movements. some technique. The result is, of course, confounding poverty.

But there is no harm in that. The problem only arises when someone with responsibilities (the dancers themselves, sometimes, but not only) thinks that these moments are of great creativity, valid enough to be fixed on video, to disseminate on social networks or even to serve as promotion of commemorative days of Dance, as it has been verified lately.

No! Creation needs thought, maturation, work, effort and personality. It is almost always painful and rarely resists empty impulses. Being a choreographer is not for everyone and, unfortunately, creative genius is a very rare asset.

Non-face-to-face communication, which has been refined over the past year, will not be entirely a rule of the future, as far as Dance is concerned. But what will certainly not be future, for the good of all of us, and Dance in particular, will be the lack of discernment about what should and what should not be disclosed, what has and what has no quality.

Undoubtedly, risk is and must continue to be an essential component of this art. It cannot be confused with indigence.

We are living in very difficult and even more difficult times for an art such as dance whose problems no political / administrative vision should devalue.

But it cannot be worth everything and the artistic demand does not disappear just because during the pandemic conditions are unfavorable.

In fact, quite the contrary, it is now that it is more important to be clairvoyant, to know how to choose the wheat from the chaff and to set the creation more and more at a level of excellence without falling into the temptation to reduce it to the immediacy of our cuisine.

Good World Dance Day "

text by Luísa Taveira, former dancer and artistic director of Companhia Nacional de Bailado and member of the General Board of OEIRAS 27 ​​​​​​​


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