Conference "Territories of Innovation" with Miguel Barceló

July 13th, at 4 p.m., live at OEIRAS 27 Facebook
13 Jul 2021 - 00:00:00 Online no Facebook OEIRAS 27
conferencia estimulo inovacao em oeiras

The conference "Territories of Innovation" with Miguel Barceló will take place on the 13th of July at 4 p.m. online on OEIRAS 27​​​​​​​ Facebook. Miguel Barceló is responsible for the 22@ Barcelona Innovation District. Here you can consult a case study on 22@ and here his latest book “Innocities” on the need for a new city model. He is also an expert on regional development with DG REGIO of the European Commission.

This session is part of the Program to Stimulate Innovation in the Municipality of Oeiras, under the coordination of Alfons Cornella (Institute of Next). ​​​​​​​



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